Earth Science - January 2011

16 The topographic map below shows the location of a stream. Points A and B are locations on Earth’s surface.

17 In which New York State landscape region have fossilized footprints of Coelophysis dinosaurs been found in the surface bedrock?

(1) Allegheny Plateau
(2) Tug Hill Plateau
(3) Hudson-Mohawk Lowlands
(4) Newark Lowlands

18 Which geologic event is inferred to have occurred most recently?

(1) collision between North America and Africa
(2) metamorphism of the bedrock of the Hudson Highlands
(3) formation of the Queenston delta
(4) initial opening of the Atlantic Ocean

19 The index fossil shown below has been found in New York State sedimentary bedrock.

20 Which rock is only formed by regional metamorphism?

(1) slate         (3) dunite
(2) hornfels    (4) marble

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