Earth Science - January 2011

11 Which map best shows the general surface wind pattern in a low-pressure system located over the eastern United States?

12 Which landscape surface resulted primarily from erosion by glaciers?

13 The formation of soil is primarily the result of

(1) stream erosion and mass movement
(2) stream deposition and runoff
(3) precipitation and wind erosion
(4) weathering and biological activity

14 Sediments found in glacial moraines are best described as

(1) sorted and layered
(2) sorted and not layered
(3) unsorted and layered
(4) unsorted and not layered

15 Old Forge and Watertown, located at nearly the same latitude in New York State, have very different landscapes. Which factor is primarily responsible for these landscape differences?

(1) average annual temperature
(2) average annual precipitation
(3) bedrock structure
(4) soil characteristics

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