Earth Science - January 2011

6 Which type of land surface will most likely absorb the greatest amount of incoming solar radiation?

(1) rough, dark-colored surface
(2) rough, light-colored surface
(3) smooth, dark-colored surface
(4) smooth, light-colored surface

7 Which graph best shows the general relationship between altitude and temperature in the troposphere?

8 Which weather variable is measured by a barometer?

(1) dewpoint        (3) air pressure
(2) wind speed    (4) visibility

9 During which phase change will the greatest amount of energy be absorbed by 1 gram of water?

(1) melting     (3) evaporation
(2) freezing    (4) condensation

10 The least amount of surface water runoff will occur when soil pore spaces are

(1) saturated and the slope is steep
(2) saturated and the slope is gentle
(3) unsaturated and the slope is steep
(4) unsaturated and the slope is gentle

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