Earth Science - January 2011


1 If an observer on Earth views Polaris on the horizon, the observer is located at the

(1) equator (0)
(2) North Pole (90 N)
(3) Tropic of Cancer (23.5 N)
(4) Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 S)

2 The theory that the universe is expanding is supported by the

(1) blue shift of light from distant galaxies
(2) red shift of light from distant galaxies
(3) nuclear fusion occurring in the Sun
(4) radioactive decay occurring in the Sun

3 Most scientists believe Earth’s Early Archean atmosphere was formed primarily by gases released from

(1) stream erosion             (3) volcanic eruptions
(2) chemical weathering    (4) plant transpiration

4 During which month does the Sun appear to rise farthest north of due east for an observer in New York State?

(1) December   (3) June
(2) January       (4) July

5 How many degrees does the Sun appear to move across the sky in four hours?

(1) 60   (3) 15
(2) 45   (4) 4

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