Earth Science - January 2010

41 The air pressure at the center of this low is

(1) 991 mb      (3) 997 mb
(2) 994 mb      (4) 1001 mb

42 Which location is most likely experiencing the fastest wind speed?

(1) A     (3) C
(2) B     (4) D

43 Which map shows the most likely path this low-pressure center will follow during the
next 12 hours?

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Base your answers to questions 44 through 46 on the block diagrams of four rock outcrops, A, B, C, and D, located within 15 kilometers of each other. The rock layers have not been overturned.

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44 When the rock layers at outcrops A, B, C, and D are correlated, which rock layer would be determined to be the oldest?

(1) quartzite     (3) gneiss
(2) marble       (4) sandstone

45 Which stream velocity carried only clay particles to the depositional environment where the shale formed?

(1) 0.02 cm/s      (3) 10 cm/s
(2) 0.05 cm/s     (4) 20 cm/s

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