Earth Science - January 2010

 16 According to the fossil record, which group of organisms has existed for the greatest length of

(1) gastropods    (3) mammals
(2) corals           (4) vascular plants

17 The division of Earth’s geologic history into units of time called eons, eras, periods, and epochs is
based on

(1) absolute dating techniques
(2) fossil evidence
(3) climatic changes
(4) seismic data

18 Which statement is best supported by the fossil record?

(1) Fossils are found in nearly all rocks.
(2) Fossils are found only in areas that were once under water.
(3) Most early life-forms that left fossil remains are now extinct.
(4) Most early life-forms that left fossil remains still exist today.

19 U-shaped valleys and parallel grooves in bedrock are characteristics of erosion by

(1) mass movement    (3) running water
(2) wave action           (4) glacial ice

20 Which mineral is the major component of drywall?

(1) talc         (3) muscovite mica
(2) calcite     (4) selenite gypsum

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