Earth Science - January 2010

 11 During which process does water gain the most heat energy?

(1) condensation    (3) evaporation
(2) freezing           (4) melting

12 The graph below shows the general relationship between latitude and the duration of insolation
on a particular day of the year.

Which date is represented by the graph?

(1) March 21    (3) September 21
(2) June 21      (4) December 21

13 Eurypterid fossils are abundant in the Bertie dolostone, a sedimentary rock layer found in western New York State. The presence of both the eurypterids and the dolostone indicates that, during the formation of this rock layer, this region of New York State was

(1) covered by evaporating shallow seas
(2) uplifted and eroded
(3) buried beneath lava flows
(4) intensely metamorphosed

14 The table below shows information about the radioactive decay of carbon-14.

What is the amount of carbon-14 remaining after 28,500 years?

15 Which coastal location experiences a cooler summer climate due to ocean currents?

(1) southeast coast of North America
(2) northeast coast of Australia
(3) southwest coast of South America
(4) northwest coast of Europe

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