Chemistry - June 2011

41 Which diagram represents a physical change, only?

42 During a laboratory activity to investigate reaction rate, a student reacts 1.0-gram samples of solid zinc with 10.0-milliliter samples of HCl(aq). The table below shows information about the variables in five experiments the student performed.

Which two experiments can be used to investigate the effect of the concentration of HCl(aq) on the reaction rate?

(1) 1 and 3    (3) 4 and 2
(2) 1 and 5    (4) 4 and 3

43 Which temperature change would cause a sample of an ideal gas to double in volume while the pressure is held constant?

(1) from 400. K to 200. K
(2) from 200. K to 400. K
(3) from 400.C to 200.C
(4) from 200.C to 400.C

44 A 36-gram sample of water has an initial temperature of 22C. After the sample absorbs 1200 joules of heat energy, the final temperature of the sample is

(1) 8.0C   (3) 30.C
(2) 14C    (4) 55C

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