Chemistry - June 2011

Part B–1

31 Compared to the atoms of nonmetals in Period 3, the atoms of metals in Period 3 have

(1) fewer valence electrons
(2) more valence electrons
(3) fewer electron shells
(4) more electron shells

32 Which elements are malleable and good conductors of electricity?

(1) iodine and silver    (3) tin and silver
(2) iodine and xenon   (4) tin and xenon

33 Which atom in the ground state requires the least amount of energy to remove its valence electron?

(1) lithium atom        (3) rubidium atom
(2) potassium atom   (4) sodium atom

35 What is the percent composition by mass of sulfur in the compound MgSO4 (gram-formula mass = 120. grams per mole)?

(1) 20.%    (3) 46%
(2) 27%     (4) 53%

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