Chemistry - June 2011

11 Which atom has the weakest attraction for the electrons in a bond with an H atom?

(1) Cl atom    (3) O atom
(2) F atom     (4) S atom

12 Which substance can not be broken down by a chemical change?

(1) ammonia    (3) propane
(2) mercury     (4) water

14 The temperature of a sample of matter is a measure of the

(1) average kinetic energy of its particles
(2) average potential energy of its particles
(3) total kinetic energy of its particles
(4) total potential energy of its particles

15 According to the kinetic molecular theory, the particles of an ideal gas

(1) have no potential energy
(2) have strong intermolecular forces
(3) are arranged in a regular, repeated geometric pattern
(4) are separated by great distances, compared to their size

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