Chemistry - June 2011


1 A neutron has a charge of

(1) +1    (3) 0
(2) +2    (4) -1

2 Which particle has the least mass?

(1) alpha particle    (3) neutron
(2) beta particle     (4) proton

3 A sample of matter must be copper if

(1) each atom in the sample has 29 protons
(2) atoms in the sample react with oxygen
(3) the sample melts at 1768 K
(4) the sample can conduct electricity

4 In the electron cloud model of the atom, an orbital is defined as the most probable

(1) charge of an electron
(2) conductivity of an electron
(3) location of an electron
(4) mass of an electron

5 The elements on the Periodic Table are arranged in order of increasing

(1) atomic number
(2) mass number
(3) number of isotopes
(4) number of moles

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