Chemistry - January 2011

26 Which compound is an electrolyte?

(1) butene      (3) dimethyl ether
(2) propane    (4) methanoic acid

27 According to the Arrhenius theory, a base reacts with an acid to produce

(1) ammonia and methane
(2) ammonia and a salt
(3) water and methane
(4) water and a salt

28 What is one benefit associated with a nuclear fission reaction?

(1) The products are not radioactive.
(2) Stable isotopes are used as reactants.
(3) There is no chance of biological exposure.
(4) A large amount of energy is produced.

30 Which radioisotope emits alpha particles?

(1) Fe-53  (3) Au-198
(2) Sr-90   (4) Pu-239

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