Chemistry - January 2011

16 Which two physical properties allow a mixture to be separated by chromatography?

(1) hardness and boiling point
(2) density and specific heat capacity
(3) malleability and thermal conductivity
(4) solubility and molecular polarity

17 The solubility of KCl(s) in water depends on the

(1) pressure on the solution
(2) rate of stirring
(3) size of the KCl sample
(4) temperature of the water

18 Which sample of water contains particles having the highest average kinetic energy?

(1) 25 mL of water at 95C
(2) 45 mL of water at 75C
(3) 75 mL of water at 75C
(4) 95 mL of water at 25C

19 Under which conditions of temperature and pressure does carbon dioxide gas behave most like an ideal gas?

(1) low temperature and low pressure
(2) low temperature and high pressure
(3) high temperature and low pressure
(4) high temperature and high pressure

20 Which process results in a chemical change?

(1) tearing tin foil
(2) melting an iron bar
(3) crushing an aluminum can
(4) burning magnesium ribbon

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