Chemistry - January 2011

48 The table below gives information about four aqueous solutions at standard pressure.

Which list of solutions is arranged in order from highest boiling point to lowest boiling point?

(1) A, B, D, C     (3) C, D, B, A
(2) A, C, B, D     (4) D, B, C, A

49 What is the total number of years that must pass before only 25.00 grams of an original 100.0-gram sample of C-14 remains unchanged?

(1) 2865 y    (3) 11 460 y
(2) 5730 y    (4) 17 190 y

50 Which radioisotope is used for diagnosing thyroid disorders?
(1) U-238      (3) I-131
(2) Pb-206    (4) Co-60


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