Algerbra 2/Trigonometry - June 2010

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34 Two sides of a parallelogram are 24 feet and 30 feet. The measure of the angle between these sides
is 57. Find the area of the parallelogram, to the nearest square foot.


36 The members of a men’s club have a choice of wearing black or red vests to their club meetings.
A study done over a period of many years determined that the percentage of black vests worn is
60%. If there are 10 men at a club meeting on a given night, what is the probability, to the nearest
thousandth, that at least 8 of the vests worn will be black?

38 The letters of any word can be rearranged. Carol believes that the number of different 9-letter
arrangements of the word “TENNESSEE” is greater than the number of different 7-letter
arrangements of the word “VERMONT.” Is she correct? Justify your answer.


39 In a triangle, two sides that measure 6 cm and 10 cm form an angle that measures 80. Find, to the
nearest degree, the measure of the smallest angle in the triangle.

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