Algerbra 2/Trigonometry - January 2011

26 Which equation represents the circle shown in the graph below that passes through the point (0,-1)?

27 Which task is not a component of an observational study?

(1) The researcher decides who will make up the sample.
(2) The researcher analyzes the data received from the sample.
(3) The researcher gathers data from the sample, using surveys or
taking measurements.
(4) The researcher divides the sample into two groups, with one
group acting as a control group.

Part II

28 Solve algebraically for x: 16 2x + 3 = 64x + 2

29 Find, to the nearest tenth of a degree, the angle whose measure is 2.5 radians.

30 For a given set of rectangles, the length is inversely proportional to the width. In one of these rectangles, the length is 12 and the width is 6. For this set of rectangles, calculate the width of a
rectangle whose length is 9.


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