Integrated Algebra - June 2011

7 A survey is being conducted to determine which school board candidate would best serve the Yonkers community. Which group, when randomly surveyed, would likely produce the most bias?

(1) 15 employees of the Yonkers school district
(2) 25 people driving past Yonkers High School
(3) 75 people who enter a Yonkers grocery store
(4) 100 people who visit the local Yonkers shopping mall

8 An 8-foot rope is tied from the top of a pole to a stake in the ground,
as shown in the diagram below.

If the rope forms a 57 angle with the ground, what is the height of
the pole, to the nearest tenth of a foot?

(1) 4.4     (3) 9.5
(2) 6.7     (4) 12.3

9 How many different ways can five books be arranged on a shelf ?

(1) 5       (3) 25
(2) 15     (4) 120

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