Integrated Algebra - June 2010


31 Alexis calculates the surface area of a gift box as 600 square inches. The actual surface area of the
gift box is 592 square inches. Find the relative error of Alexis’ calculation expressed as a decimal to
the nearest thousandth.

32 Perform the indicated operation: -6(a - 7) State the name of the property used.

33 A communications company is building a 30-foot antenna to carry cell phone transmissions. As
shown in the diagram below, a 50-foot wire from the top of the antenna to the ground is used to
stabilize the antenna.

Find, to the nearest degree, the measure of the angle that the wire makes with the ground.


34 Given: A = {18, 6, -3, -12}

Determine all elements of set A that are in the solution of the inequality 2/3x+3<2x-7.

35 Graph and label the following equations on the set of axes below.

y = | x |

y = | x|

Explain how decreasing the coefficient of x affects the graph of the equation y= x

36 Megan and Bryce opened a new store called the Donut Pit. Their goal is to reach a profit of $20,000
in their 18th month of business. The table and scatter plot below represent the profit, P, in thousands
of dollars, that they made during the first 12 months.

Click on image to enlarge

Draw a reasonable line of best fit.

Using the line of best fit, predict whether Megan and Bryce will reach their goal in the 18th month
of their business.

Justify your answer.

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