Integrated Algebra - June 2010

21 Which interval notation represents the set of all numbers greater than or equal to 5 and less than 12?

(1) [5, 12)     (3) (5, 12)
(2) (5, 12]     (4) [5, 12]

22 Four hundred licensed drivers participated in the math club’s survey on driving habits. The table below shows the number of drivers surveyed in each age group.

Which statement best describes a conclusion based on the data in the table?

(1) It may be biased because no one younger than 16 was surveyed.
(2) It would be fair because many different age groups were surveyed.
(3) It would be fair because the survey was conducted by the math club students.
(4) It may be biased because the majority of drivers surveyed were in the younger age intervals.

25 Steve ran a distance of 150 meters in 1 minutes. What is his speed in meters per hour?

(1) 6      (3) 100
(2) 60    (4) 6,000

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