Integrated Algebra - June 2009


31 Determine how many three-letter arrangements are possible with the letters A, N, G, L, and E if
no letter may be repeated.

32 Factor completely: 4x3 – 36x

33 Some books are laid on a desk. Two are English, three are mathematics, one is French, and four are
social studies. Theresa selects an English book and Isabelle then selects a social studies book. Both
girls take their selections to the library to read. If Truman then selects a book at random, what is
the probability that he selects an English book?


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35 A bank is advertising that new customers can open a savings account with a 33/4 interest rate
compounded annually. Robert invests $5,000 in an account at this rate. If he makes no additional
deposits or withdrawals on his account, find the amount of money he will have, to the nearest cent,
after three years.

36 The table below shows the number of prom tickets sold over a ten-day period.

Plot these data points on the coordinate grid below. Use a consistent and appropriate scale. Draw
a reasonable line of best fit and write its equation.

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