Integrated Algebra - January 2011


Part II

31 Roberta needs ribbon for a craft project. The ribbon sells for $3.75 per yard. Find the cost, in dollars, for 48 inches of the ribbon.

32 The square dart board shown below has a side that measures 40 inches. The shaded portion in the center is a square whose side is 15 inches. A dart thrown at the board is equally likely to land on any point on the dartboard.

Find the probability that a dart hitting the board will not land in the shaded area.

33 As shown in the diagram below, a ladder 5 feet long leans against a wall and makes an angle of 65 with the ground. Find, to the nearest tenth of a foot, the distance from the wall to the base of the ladder.

Part III

35 The test scores for 18 students in Ms. Mosher’s class are listed below:
86, 81, 79, 71, 58, 87, 52, 71, 87, 87, 93, 64, 94, 81, 76, 98, 94, 68
Complete the frequency table below.

Draw and label a frequency histogram on the grid below. 

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