Integrated Algebra - January 2010

36 Using his ruler, Howell measured the sides of a rectangular prism to be 5 cm by 8 cm by 4 cm. The
actual measurements are 5.3 cm by 8.2 cm by 4.1 cm. Find Howell’s relative error in calculating the
volume of the prism, to the nearest thousandth.


37 A password consists of three digits, 0 through 9, followed by three letters from an alphabet having
26 letters.

If repetition of digits is allowed, but repetition of letters is not allowed, determine the number of
different passwords that can be made.

If repetition is not allowed for digits or letters, determine how many fewer different passwords can
be made.

38 Graph the solution set for the inequality 4x - 3y > 9 on the set of axes below.
Determine if the point (1,-3) is in the solution set. Justify your answer.

39 Find three consecutive positive even integers such that the product of the second and third
integers is twenty more than ten times the first integer. [Only an algebraic solution can receive full

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