Integrated Algebra - January 2010

6. In a science fiction novel, the main character found a mysterious rock that decreased in size each day. The table below shows the part of the rock that remained at noon on successive days.

Which fractional part of the rock will remain at noon on day 7?

7 In the diagram below, what is the slope of the line passing through points A and B?

8 Which equation shows a correct trigonometric ratio for angle A in the right triangle below?

She made an error between lines

(1) 1 and 2     (3) 3 and 4
(2) 2 and 3      (4) 4 and 5

10 The value of the expression -|a - b| when a = 7 and b = -3 is

(1) -10     (3) -4
(2) 10      (4) 4


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