Integrated Algebra - January 2009


37 Solve the following system of equations algebraically:

3x + 2y = 4
4x + 3y = 7

[Only an algebraic solution can receive full credit.]

38 On the set of axes below, graph the following system of inequalities and state the coordinates of a point in the solution set.

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39 A restaurant sells kids’ meals consisting of one main course, one side dish, and one drink, as shown in the table below.

Draw a tree diagram or list the sample space showing all possible kids’ meals. How many different kids’ meals can a person order?

Josť does not drink juice. Determine the number of different kids’ meals that do not include juice.

Josť’s sister will eat only chicken nuggets for her main course. Determine the number of different kids’ meals that include chicken nuggets.

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