Integrated Algebra - January 2009


31 A window is made up of a single piece of glass in the shape of a semicircle and a rectangle, as shown in the diagram below. Tess is decorating for a party and wants to put a string of lights all the way around the outside edge of the window.

To the nearest foot, what is the length of the string of lights that Tess will need to decorate the window?

33 The table below represents the number of hours a student worked and the amount of money the student earned.

Write an equation that represents the number of dollars, d, earned in terms of the number of hours, h, worked.

Using this equation, determine the number of dollars the student would earn for working 40 hours.


34 Sarah measures her rectangular bedroom window for a new shade. Her measurements are
36 inches by 42 inches. The actual measurements of the window are 36.5 inches and 42.5 inches.

Using the measurements that Sarah took, determine the number of square inches in the area of
the window.

Determine the number of square inches in the actual area of the window.
Determine the relative error in calculating the area. Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest thousandth.

36 A soup can is in the shape of a cylinder. The can has a volume of 342 cm3 and a diameter of 6 cm. Express the height of the can in terms of π.

Determine the maximum number of soup cans that can be stacked on their base between
two shelves if the distance between the shelves is exactly 36 cm. Explain your answer.

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