Integrated Algebra - January 2009

26 Which equation represents a line that is parallel to the line y = 3 – 2x?

(1) 4x + 2y = 5     (3) y = 3 – 4x
(2) 2x + 4y = 1     (4) y = 4x – 2

28 Keisha is playing a game using a wheel divided into eight equal sectors, as shown in the diagram below. Each time the spinner lands on orange, she will win a prize.

If Keisha spins this wheel twice, what is the probability she will win a prize on both spins?

29 A movie theater recorded the number of tickets sold daily for a popular movie during the month of June. The box-and-whisker plot shown below represents the data for the number of tickets sold, in hundreds.

Which conclusion can be made using this plot?

(1) The second quartile is 600.
(2) The mean of the attendance is 400.
(3) The range of the attendance is 300 to 600.
(4) Twenty-five percent of the attendance is between 300 and 400.

30 Which graph represents a function?


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