Integrated Algebra - January 2009

22 Which ordered pair is a solution of the system of equations y = x2 – x – 20 and y = 3x – 15?

(1) (–5,–30)      (3) (0,5)
(2) (–1,–18)     (4) (5,–1)

23 A survey is being conducted to determine which types of television programs people watch. Which survey and location combination would likely contain the most bias?

(1) surveying 10 people who work in a sporting goods store
(2) surveying the first 25 people who enter a grocery store
(3) randomly surveying 50 people during the day in a mall
(4) randomly surveying 75 people during the day in a clothing store

24 The length of a rectangular room is 7 less than three times the width, w, of the room. Which expression represents the area of the room?

(1) 3w – 4    (3) 3w2 – 4w
(2) 3w – 7    (4) 3w2 – 7w

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