Integrated Algebra - January 2009

1 On a certain day in Toronto, Canada, the temperature was 15 Celsius (C). Using the formula
F=5/9 C +32, Peter converts this temperature to degrees Fahrenheit (F). Which temperature represents 15C in degrees Fahrenheit?

(1) –9    (3) 59
(2) 35    (4) 85

2 What is the speed, in meters per second, of a paper airplane that flies 24 meters in 6 seconds?

(1) 144     (3) 18
(2) 30       (4) 4

3 The faces of a cube are numbered from 1 to 6. If the cube is rolled once, which outcome is least likely to occur?

(1) rolling an odd number
(2) rolling an even number
(3) rolling a number less than 6
(4) rolling a number greater than 4

4 Tamara has a cell phone plan that charges $0.07 per minute plus a monthly fee of $19.00. She budgets $29.50 per month for total cell phone expenses without taxes. What is the maximum number of minutes Tamara could use her phone each month in order to stay within her budget?

(1) 150    (3) 421
(2) 271    (4) 692

5 Antwaan leaves a cup of hot chocolate on the counter in his kitchen. Which graph is the best representation of the change in temperature of his hot chocolate over time?

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