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Hello Mr. Anthony, this is Daritza, your former student. I'm just writing to congratulate you on your site. I see you are keeping it updated and that you keep caring about our education. Thank you very much. I wish you the best and thank you for your generosity. My four years of high school was an experience I would never forget and you and your site really helped me pass my Regents. Thank you.

Dear Mr. Anthony, Your presentation today was inspiring and incredible! I have not stopped raving about your work and the effect you are having on so many students. Your influence stretches far beyond your classroom. This webpage is about a million times better than the Grow Report that we used in previous years. If I can be of any service in anyway, please let me know. I know funding is a concern for you so if there is anyway I can be of service just drop me a note. All the best to you and your amazing family. - Brendan Breen, Teacher, P. S. 175x The City Island School

Dear Mr. Anthony, I want you to know how much I enjoyed your presentation this morning at Fordham University. Being a Principal who absolutely hates attending meetings, your presentation was really superb. In addition, since some of our Middle School 181 students sit for Regents examinations in grade 8, your website will be more than helpful. I want you to know that during the break time this morning, I phoned my Assistant Principal, who was back at school and told him about your website. We will look at it in person, tomorrow. I have already logged on at home.Keep up your wonderful work.- Stephen Bennett, Principal Middle School 181 - District 11- Region 2

Levi, I am so excited for your wonderful work. As teachers, we sometimes never know who we touch with our caring and commitment, here you see it almost instantly. I am, as always, proud of you and the great work that you do !!!Love, Ginger - Principal

This is one of the absolute best sites I've found online, and I say that as a teacher who has spent countless hours looking for kid-friendly material on the net. I have no idea how you found the time and energy to put it together, but you have my admiration! - Andrew Cowells, Concord Jr. High

The staff at FRHS thinks that your site is awesome! Keep up the good work!

This is one of the most useful websites I have found. I am sitting in a Professional Development Conference and this site was shared with all of us! THANK YOU!!!

Levi...You really amazed me at NYSSSC yesterday! I can't believe I didn't know about your site, but what is more unbelievable is the love, dedication and incredible amount of work and organization you have put into this to bring so much to your students. They are lucky to have you as a teacher, and we are all lucky to have you in our profession! Keep up your wonderful work...I will spread the word of your wonderful site as far as I can! I even started work on my own web site this morning, inspired by you! (It will probably take me years to get even one page done!) God Bless you and all you do for us all... Gail Stewart- Teacher: Organization: Westlake Middle School, Thornwood, NY

Thank you very much for helping me in the Regents Exam! This site is one of the greatest site that I've found and I add this site to my favorite. Thank You Again and I've learned a lot by this website. -Nuri. 9th grade.

Wow...what a great site...thank you!!! I've been accessing the Internet for years, have a masters degree in instructional technology and this site is one of the best!!! Thank you - Joyce, teacher

This thing is long and boring, but I have to admit, all those long hours of falling asleep and waking back up to see this site in front of my face was worth it. THANKS!! Farah : Brooklyn College Academy
I truly appreciate this website. you are a hero -  India Coqueran, student

I am a parent of a western New York High School student. This site has helped my son passed all of his Regents exams very successfully, including the Physics exam, that my son did not think he would pass. Thanks to the high quality and descriptive material, I feel very confident that my kids will do well using this site! Joshua LoCicero - Kenmore East

I think this site is a very productive one. It is really helpful to me when I have tests or miss days at school. Mr. Anthony is a very great teacher and I think that he did a great job with his site. - Nikita
I am parent of a junior High school student. I am very impressed with your website and thank you for your dedication to students. I find your site very captivating and inviting. I am amazed at your accomplishment. - Howard Nedrick. Parent

What a wonderful site. Thank you. I am the parent of an 11th grader who is working on the US History exam. I especially like the quizzes because you get the answers after just a few questions. We then go back and reread the questions with the correct answers. Works as a great review. My son is LD, so this is a good way for him to review. We do these exercises together so we can read them aloud and discuss the answer choices, and then check the correct answer. Thanks again.- Janet

I want to thank this wonderful website which help me past my chemistry and Global Regents with 77% and 89%. This website help me have a free summer. John - Thomas A. Edsion H.S.

Dear Mr. Levi, Thank you very much for caring about a student whom you don't even know. I'm studying hard for all my exams. With your care, I think I'll do just fine. Ophleia

Hi, I would just like to say that you site has really helped me this year! When I was doing my midterm studying, I needed assistance with Math A (for the reg. I took). Whenever I visited this site, I would get a free Regents exam, which I can practice with! With your help, I got an 89! Thank you so much!- Tania, SJH

Your website has helped me since I began 8th grade. With the help of your website, I got a 95% on my Earth Science Regents in 8th grd. and a 92% on my Math A Regents this year. Without this website, I would have never been prepared for any Regents examination. Thank you for making this site. - Andrew; North Junior High School

I would like to comment on your effort and help in today's children's education and I would like to also thank u for helping through my classes and my regent exams. It really helped me. Thanks a lot! - Ogungbesan, Prospect Height High School.

Your website has helped me so much with my preparation for my Earth Science Regents. Thanks to the fun and educational quizzes, I now feel more confident about taking my regents tomorrow!

I really loved your site. It especially helped me study for the Global Studies Regents. The quizzes were great because they also provided the answers as I took the quiz. keep up the good work!!! thanks!! - Kat

Hey Guys, This site is great. I have a test tomorrow and I seem to be ready for it thanks because of your practice quizzes. I know that I will pass my regents and I wanna give you much of the credit. Thanks. - Jose

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this site. I got a lot of questions right, but I wanted to tell you that I felt as if this site has helped me do a major part of my review for NYS regents exams. Thank-you - Matt, Alexander Hamilton High School, Elmsford New York

I just wanted to let you know that this is an excellent site and I don't know what I would have done without it. It actually taught me a lot about Earth Science and Global history. Now I am certain that I can pass these regents coming up. Thank you. - Diana

I just have to say that I appreciate your site greatly. Do you know that outta all the ones online that I went to, your answer page is the only one that actually WORKED! it was amazing. Thanks again.

What a cool site!!! - Christopher

I love your site. I have been having trouble passing the Living Environment but I know with the help of this site I am going to pass the regents this year. Thanks and keep this site running .

Hi ,my name is Mary your website is wonderful. The first time I visit this website I recognize that it would be a good source to help me pass my regents, and it did. Thank U keep up the good work.- Mary

Wow! This is a great site! Thanks for giving us a chance to review for quizzes, tests, and exams!
I love this site! I took my Math B Regents this January, and thanks to this site, I did extremely well. Keep up the good work!

Hi. I am studying for mid-terms right now and I would like to say how much your web-site has helped me. After taking your pre-tests I feel comfortable taking my mid-terms. You helped me practice and I thank you again! Keep up the great work so I have your help when it comes to finals!- Lauren

This site has helped a lot more than I thought it would. Global Studies is my worst subject, but since I have been using this site I feel much more confident in myself - Claire

I am just writing to tell EduSolution that I think this site is a great site to work on when preparing for the Regents and other help you may need for a subject in school. I really admire you for making this site, It is a big help!

I love your web site! My Earth Science teacher isn't very good at teaching and this will help be prepared for the Regents exam at the end of the year!

You are doing a terrific job! My students often visit the site for practice regents, and I find it invaluable to have such easy access to tests and answer keys. Thanks for all you hard work. Becky

I think this site is very helpful. I didn't know much about Global Studies, but with the help of my teacher and this site, I passed the regents exam with a 76% average. I also passed Math and Living Environment with a 74 and 80 in that order. This site helped me a whole lot. I also want to say a special thanks to my teachers of these subjects for helping me pass these examinations. This semester I passed all my subjects and I didn't have to go to summer school. Students who visit this site should try to print some of the tests and do them. If they helped me they would definitely help you. Bryce - Grover Cleveland H.S.

Hi! my name is Sandy. I think this website is good for all students Edusolution helped me to improve my global skills and I got 87 in the global regents!!! I'm so happy that I studied these questions. I think that all students and all teachers will love it and be thankful. I love edusolution!!!!good luck all of you.

Thank you for your help. Without your web site I would not passed the global regents.- Bedstuy Outreach

I really love this web-site... Thank you so much who ever did it... Nita - J.F. Kennedy high school

Your site really helped me pass the regents. Thanks for your time and patience and answering quick to my email concerning this issue. Barbara Reyes

Thanks for providing an easy source for getting the latest Regents Exams. Using your website, I got a 95 on my Global Regents. It's not even a subject that I like. I realized that the Regents is constantly repeating itself and the only way to do well is to look at all the old Regents. Your site makes it easy for students like me to have convenient access to the new and old exams. just one comment, if you can make your exams fill in format, it would be  perfect - Nhan N.- Brooklyn Tech High School

Your Global study package helped my son produce great results on his June, 2001 regents. Thank you for creating this site and this valuable package.I can't begin to tell you the confidence my son felt as he was working on your study units.Thank you so very much. Please try to create more. Sincerely , Rose Ruffus - parent

This is one of the best study guides ...Keep this going my test grades went up just by going over the problems on this web site.

Your website is very, very helpful. I used it for math the most and the results were positive. Thanks! Burcu Colok - Erasmus Hall Campus

Hi. My name is Beatris. I have a best friend who is in his junior year in high school and he is currently enrolled in a chemistry class where he has some difficulty. I graduated form High School last year and I was also in Chemistry  I discovered this web site and I found some incredible things. I reviewed the old exams and went over them until I knew I had it down packed. I want to thank you for providing these resources. Now I am in college and enjoying life. Even though Science has been my worst subject. But I got through it thanks to you. Beatris - Katharine Gibbs School

Congrats on creating a wonderful site! This will help every student who is taking the Regents to study with previous exams. Last year while taking the Global regents it was so hard to find previous exams because the schools don't give them to you. Your site will be a success! Congratulations again!

Thank you for making my life easier!! -Mercedes Santos -High School for Law and Public Servce

I love this website more than the Barron's Regents website, it is easier to work with, and I also didn't have to pay to use the site, which is $9.95. name witheld

Keep up the good work! I did a search for New York Regent exams and there was only 4 hits. Your site was the only site that I was able to print the actual exam for my son to practice on. Thanks and good luck with your web page. RW - Parent

Thank you for a wonderful web site. As a teacher in a vocational training program in New York City, I have found your lessons and English Regents and Answers a necessary resource for the new challenges my students now face.- Roderick Martino - Teacher

Hello, I wanted to thank you for designing such a comprehensive site that has as much material as it does for teacher use. I am an English teacher and finding materials to use as models isn't very easy, so any help is big help. John Perez - Teacher; Hampton Bays High School

I'm impressed with your website and the helpful information for teachers it contains. -P. Supernault - Churchville-Chili School District

Dear Mr. Anthony, Thank you so much for this site. I still think that the workshops you did for us were some of the best. I do appreciate the Regents questions. Thanks again- Janet Griffith- Teacher

Hi, my name is Peter and I highly recommend this website for those who are taking important exams. It helped me to do well on the US History and Global Studies Regents. Whoever established this site is a genius. Thanks - Peter, Benjamin Banneker Academy


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This is one of the absolute best sites I've found online, and I say that as a teacher who has spent countless hours looking for kid-friendly material on the net. I have no idea how you found the time and energy to put it together, but you have my admiration! - Andrew Cowells, Concord Jr. High