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11 In the mid-1800s, the growth of the populations of California and the western territories was mainly a result of the

(1) discovery of gold and silver
(2) opening of the Panama Canal
(3) migration of freedmen after the Civil War
(4) secession of the Southern states

12 In the late 1800s, the Granger movement tried to improve conditions for farmers by

(1) lowering the rate of inflation
(2) strengthening the gold standard
(3) forcing railroads to lower their rates
(4) making labor unions stronger

13 The passage of the Dawes Act in 1887 was primarily an attempt by the United States government to

(1) limit the power of the Bureau of Indian Affairs
(2) return eastern land to Native American Indian tribes
(3) encourage Native American Indians to give up their traditional cultures
(4) hire Native American Indians as military scouts

14 In the late 1800s, supporters of laissez-faire capitalism claimed
that government regulation of business would be

(1) essential to protect the rights of consumers
(2) necessary to provide jobs for the unemployed
(3) useful in competing with foreign nations
(4) harmful to economic growth

15 Why did the United States follow a policy of open immigration
during much of the 1800s?

(1) Many United States citizens wanted to live abroad.
(2) The United States had a shortage of labor.
(3) Prosperous conditions in Europe resulted in fewer
immigrants coming to the United States.
(4) Immigrants provided United States industry with investment capital.

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