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6 The Federalist Papers were published in 1787 and 1788 to help gain support for

(1) a bill of rights
(2) the ratification of the Constitution
(3) a weaker central government
(4) the abolition of slavery and the slave trade

7 A republican form of government is described as one in which

(1) there is a two-party system
(2) representatives are elected by the people
(3) elected officials have limited terms
(4) government power is limited by checks and balances

8 The due process clause in the 5th Amendment and the right to an
attorney in the 6th Amendment were designed to

(1) protect freedom of expression
(2) assure that laws are properly enacted
(3) ensure fair treatment for those accused of crimes
(4) provide for judicial review of laws

9 •Congress proposes an amendment legalizing an income tax.
• The Supreme Court rules that the income tax is unconstitutional.

These events illustrate the use of

(1) delegated powers
(2) checks and balances
(3) judicial legislation
(4) the unwritten constitution

Base your answer to question 10 on the cartoon below and on your
knowledge of social studies.

10 What is the main idea of this cartoon?

(1) Americans fail to adequately support the expenses of political candidates.
(2) Campaign advertising has no influence on voter turnout.
(3) Campaign costs are a major cause of the national debt.
(4) High campaign costs negatively affect the political process.

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