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11 Alexander Hamiltonís financial plan helped to establish the credit of the United States government by

(1) providing for the payment of the nationís debts
(2) taxing only the people most able to pay
(3) favoring agriculture over industry
(4) encouraging spending for national defense

12 ďA house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.Ē - Abraham Lincoln, 1858

According to this quotation, Abraham Lincoln believed that

(1) slavery was immoral and should be abolished immediately
(2) sectional differences threatened to destroy the Union
(3) the Southern states should be allowed to secede
(4) to save the nation, the North should compromise with the South on slavery

13 Which statement most accurately describes President Abraham Lincolnís plan for Reconstruction after the Civil War?

(1) Southerners should be made to pay for their rebellion.
(2) The Union should be restored as quickly as possible
(3) African Americans should be given free land.
(4) War damages should be collected through military occupation

14 During Reconstruction, the Black Codes passed by Southern states were attempts to

(1) provide land to former slaves
(2) punish former Confederate leaders
(3) repeal the Jim Crow laws
(4) deny equal rights to African Americans

15 Following Reconstruction, the term New South was most often used to describe

(1) changes in the Southern economy
(2) new attitudes in race relations
(3) the growth of the Republican Party in the South
(4) the decline of the sharecropping system

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