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6 Over the course of its history, the United States has advanced the
goal of Speaker B by

(1) upholding the separation of church and state
(2) adding constitutional amendments to expand voting rights
(3) expanding the role of the Supreme Court in government
(4) providing for the direct election of the president

7 Which statement describes a characteristic of democracy that is
provided for in the United States Constitution?

(1) Political power in Congress is held by the ranking political party.
(2) All bills passed by Congress are reviewed by the Supreme Court.
(3) Citizens choose their congressional representatives.
(4) The president can require Congress to submit legislation for the cabinet’s approval.

8 The implied powers suggested by the United States Constitution show that the writers recognized the

(I) powers of government needed to be able to adapt to change
(2) rights of the states had to be protected
(3) powers of the Supreme Court needed to be checked
(4) rights of the citizens were the first concern of government

9 What were two key precedents established by George Washington during his presidency?

(1) aid to farmers and the end of the slave trade
(2) universal male suffrage and support for political parties
(3) foreign policy of neutrality and the use of presidential advisors
(4) protective tariffs and foreign alliances during peacetime

10 “It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is. . . .” - Marbury v. Madison, 1803

This statement expresses the Supreme Court’s claim that

(1) courts must abide by a strict interpretation of the Constitution
(2) federal laws must be approved by the courts before they can take effect
(3) the judicial branch must have a role in the amendment process
(4) the power of judicial review belongs to the courts


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