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21 The initiative, referendum, and recall election were supported by the
Progressives as ways to

(1) limit government regulation of the press
(2) limit the role of the Supreme Court in constitutional issues
(3) increase citizen participation in the political process
(4) increase the influence of major political parties

22 Jacob Riis, in How the Other Half Lives, and Lincoln Steffens, in The
Shame of the Cities, contributed to reform movements in the United States

(1) exposing poverty and corruption
(2) opposing westward expansion
(3) criticizing racial injustice
(4) supporting organized labor

23 A major reason that Secretary of State John Hay announced the Open
Door policy in 1899 was to

(1) secure important military bases in Europe
(2) encourage more immigration from Europe
(3) increase United States access to trade in Asia
(4) claim new colonial territories in Africa

24 An important goal of United States foreign policy in the 1920s was to

(1) make the League of Nations successful
(2) build a large colonial empire
(3) end the policy of Dollar Diplomacy in Latin America
(4) avoid involvement in foreign conflicts

25 The intent of the United States immigration laws of the 1920's was to

(1) increase economic opportunities for recent immigrants
(2) encourage cultural diversity
(3) restore an open-door policy toward immigration
(4) restrict immigration through the use of quotas

26 An important factor contributing to the start of the Great Depression in
the United States was the

(1) increase in military spending
(2) failure to maintain the gold standard
(3) reduction of tariff rates
(4) uneven distribution of wealth

27 The New Deal changed political thinking in the United States because it
supported the idea that the

(1) rights of workers are less important than the interests of business
(2) Supreme Court should have an important role to play in the economy
(3) government should become more involved in the social and
economic life of the people
(4) presidentís foreign policy is more important than his domestic policy

28 The creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority is an example of

(1) federal intervention to meet regional needs
(2) state-funded regional transportation
(3) free-market capitalism
(4) laissez-faire economics

29 The creation of the Federal Reserve System was an attempt to

(1) introduce national health insurance
(2) regulate the money supply
(3) create a progressive tax policy
(4) shift more responsibilities to the states

30 The Dust Bowl experiences of the Oklahoma farmers during the Great
Depression demonstrated the

(1) effect of geography on peopleís lives
(2) success of government farm subsidies
(3) limitation of civil liberties during times of crisis
(4) result of the Indian Removal Act

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