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17 The Populist Party can be considered a successful third party because

1 its Presidential candidate won the election of 1892
2 it maintained control of Congress for several years during the 1890's
3 workers and business owners united to support reductions in the tariff
4 laws were eventually passed that attained some of its goals

18 The works of Jacob Riis and Upton Sinclair exposed the problems associated with

1 poverty among Native American peoples
2 rapid industrialization and urbanization
3 segregation of public facilities in the South
4 colonial expansion in Asia

19 The Sherman Antitrust Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act were both designed to

1 establish safe working conditions in factories
2 promote fair competition in business
3 force industry to use natural resources wisely
4 decrease Federal income taxes on corporations

20 Reform legislation of the Progressive Era provided for

1 increased direct participation in government
2 employment for the poor
3 tax incentives for business investment
4 the elimination of racial segregation in public places

21 During the first 100 years of its history, the United States followed a
foreign policy of

1 forming military defense alliances with European nations
2 establishing overseas spheres of influence
3 remaining neutral from political connections with other nations
4 providing leadership in international organizations

22 Late in the 19th century, many Americans believed that the United States
should establish a colonial empire because

1 additional farmlands were needed to feed the growing American
2 many sections of the world wanted to become part of the United States
3 American industries needed raw materials and markets
4 colonies would provide cheap labor for southern plantations

23 President Theodore Roosevelt's policy regarding big business was to

1 replace private ownership with public ownership
2 encourage a laissez-faire attitude toward business
3 support the deregulation of business
4 distinguish between "good" and "bad" trusts

24 United States Senators who opposed the Treaty of Versailles mainly
objected to

1 United States membership in the League of Nations
2 payment of reparations by Germany to the Allied Nations
3 the transfer of Germany's colonial possessions to the League of Nations
4 the creation of new and independent nations in Eastern Europe

25 The main reason President Theodore Roosevelt supported a Panamanian
rebellion against Colombia in 1903 was to

1 increase the number of democratic nations in Latin America
2 gain the right to complete a canal linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
3 reduce European colonialism in the Western Hemisphere
4 prevent a foreign power from seizing land in Central America

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