NYS Regents


6 New York State and the United States have republican forms of
government because both have

(1) a bill of rights
(2) a written constitution
(3) an elected legislature
(4) three branches of government

7 In the case of Marbury v. Madison (1803), the Supreme Court increased its power by

(1) establishing the practice of judicial review
(2) upholding the presidential appointment power
(3) expanding the meaning of individual liberties
(4) declaring the principle of states’ rights unconstitutional

8 One similarity in the foreign policies of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe was that they

(1) favored France over England
(2) promoted colonial expansion
(3) came to the defense of Latin American nations
(4) sought to avoid involvement in European political struggles

9 The Declaration of Sentiments from the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 proclaimed that

(1) the abolition of slavery was necessary
(2) all men and women are created equal
(3) California should be admitted as a free state
(4) the sale of alcoholic beverages should be illegal

10 One way that “Bleeding Kansas,” the Dred Scott decision, and John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry had a similar effect on the United States was that these events

(1) ended conflict over slavery in the territories
(2) eased tensions between the North and the South
(3) contributed to the formation of the Whig Party
(4) made sectional compromise more difficult

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