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11 Which newspaper headline shows the operation of the system of checks and balances?

(1) “Senate Rejects President’s Choice of Supreme Court Justice”
(2) “Florida To Gain Two Seats in the United States House of Representatives”
(3) “Albany County Receives $4 Million from Congress for
Transportation Development”
(4) “New York State Rejects Federal Regulations on Drug Testing”

12 The change to the direct election of senators, the lowering of the voting age to eighteen, and the establishment of a two-term limit for presidents are all examples of the use of

(1) judicial review
(2) checks and balances
(3) executive privilege
(4) the amendment process

13 One reason the United States Constitution is considered a flexible
document is that it

(1) can be rewritten every ten years
(2) allows for the creation of a multiparty political system
(3) gives the states the power to change federal laws
(4) includes the elastic clause

14 Most historians consider Alexander Hamilton to have been a successful Secretary of the Treasury because he

(1) expanded trade with all nations
(2) established a sound financial plan for the new nation
(3) eliminated tariffs between the states
(4) opposed payment of previous federal government debts

15 Which event was most influenced by the principle of Manifest Destiny?

(1) founding of Jamestown
(2) defeat of Britain in the Revolutionary War
(3) purchase of Florida
(4) acquisition of the Mexican Cession

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