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6 A significant compromise reached at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was the agreement to

(1) exclude slaves from census counts
(2) forbid tariffs on imports
(3) establish a bicameral legislature
(4) limit the number of terms a president could serve

7 Which group had the most influence on the ideas stated in the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution?

(1) political leaders of Spain and Portugal
(2) religious leaders of the medieval period
(3) writers of the Renaissance
(4) philosophers of the Enlightenment

8 The writers of the United States Constitution included the requirement for a census every ten years primarily to

(1) regulate numbers of immigrants
(2) determine representation in Congress
(3) decide when new states were needed
(4) set goals for population growth

Base your answers to questions 9 and 10 on the chart below and on your knowledge of social studies.

9 Which conclusion about the American Revolutionary War is most clearly
supported by information in this chart?

(1) England had few advantages in a war with her American colonies.
(2) The thirteen colonies had more advantages than disadvantages upon entering the war.
(3) England did not believe that the thirteen colonies were worth the expense of a war.
(4) The thirteen colonies had few, but important advantages in the war with England.

10 Which important reason for the American victory in the Revolutionary War is missing from the chart?

(1) naval superiority of the thirteen colonies
(2) aid from foreign nations
(3) control of railroads and canals
(4) greater number of Indian allies

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