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Directions (l-50): For each statement or question, write on the separate answer sheet the number of the word or expression that, of those given, best completes the statement or  answers the question.

1 The Virginia House of Burgesses was important to the development of democracy in the thirteen colonies because it

(1) provided an example of a representative form of government
(2) created the first written constitution in America
(3) provided for direct election of senators
(4) began the practice of legislative override of executive vetoes

2 “It is not the cause of one poor printer, nor of New York alone, which you  are now trying. No! It may in its consequence affect every free man that lives under a British government on the main [continent] of America. It is the best cause. It is the cause of liberty. . . . Nature and the laws of our country have given us a right to liberty of both exposing and opposing arbitrary power (in these parts of the world at least) by speaking and writing
the truth.” —
Andrew Hamilton, 1735

This courtroom summation helped establish which democratic principle in colonial America?

(1) trial by jury
(2) equal voting rights
(3) protection of private property
(4) freedom of the press

3 The pamphlet Common Sense, by Thomas Paine, aided the American cause in the Revolutionary War because it

(1) convinced France to join in the fight against England
(2) led to the repeal of the Stamp Act
(3) created a new system of government for the United States
(4) persuaded individuals who were undecided to support

4 Which geographic factor had the greatest influence on early patterns of industrialization in the United States?

(1) scarcity of flat land on which to build factories
(2) shortages of timber and coal
(3) desire of workers to live in mild climates
(4) availability of waterpower to operate machines

5 The United States Constitution corrected a weakness of the Articles of Confederation by

(1) creating three branches of government
(2) giving greater power to state governments
(3) providing a clear definition of states’ rights
(4) granting the right to vote to all white males

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