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16 The main reason for the passage of the Homestead Act in 1862 was
to provide for

1 farms on the Great Plains
2 national parks
3 irrigation of desert lands
4 reservations for Native American Indians

17 During Reconstruction, President Andrew Johnson tried to 
incorporate most of President Abraham Lincoln's plan for

1 granting suffrage to former slaves
2 readmitting the Southern States into the Union
3 increasing the power of the North over the South
4 punishing the secessionist states

18 What was a major result of the Reconstruction Period?

1 The political and economic rights of women were expanded and
2 The power of the states increased at the expense of the Federal
3 Racial segregation in United States schools ended.
4 The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were added to the United 
States Constitution.

19 After the Civil War, the poll tax, literacy test, and grandfather clause
were used to ensure that

1 all citizens exercised the right to vote
2 poor people were given equal voting rights
3 the voting rights of most former slaves were denied
4 the elderly in the South could vote in Federal elections

20 What was the main reason the United States did not limit
immigration during most of the 19th century?

1 Political parties wanted to gain new voters.
2 Most immigrants arrived with large amounts of capital to 
invest in American industries.
3 The expanding economy needed a supply of cheap labor.
4 Immigrants were more willing to serve in the military than
native-born Americans.

21 According to the theory of laissez-faire capitalist prices of products 
are determined by the

1 interaction of supply and demand
2 cost of producing the products
3 government
4 bankers

22 One reason big business often employed court injunctions against
labor unions during the late 1900's was that

1 unions insisted on the open shop in the work place
2 most efforts at collective bargaining failed
3 right-to-work laws encouraged court actions
4 many tactics used by unions were illegal at the time

23 One advantage of a corporation over an individually owned 
business is that the corporation has

1 a closer relationship between labor and management
2 easier access to investment capital
3 unlimited legal liability for damages
4 exemption from prosecution under anti-trust laws

24 During the late 19th century, which governmental action was most
strongly supported by farmers in the United States?

1 regulation of railroads
2 reduction of the Federal income tax
3 limits on the amount of money in circulation
4 establishment of a minimum wage for far laborers

25 The reforms advocated by the Progressive movement were 
intended mainly to

1 expand the civil rights of African America and Native 
American Indians
2 reduce restrictions on immigration
3 increase the spirit of patriotism throughout the nation
4 promote political and economic change through government

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