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16 Which statement can be supported by a study of the Populist and the
Progressive movements in United States history?

1 Ideas that seem radical in one time period often become accepted in later times.
2 Third-party movements have often been successful in winning 
Presidential elections.
3 The main goal of third-party movements has been to influence United  States foreign policy.
4 Protest movements have usually ended in complete failure.

17 The creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission (1887) and the 
passage of the Sherman Antitrust Act (1890) showed that

1 laissez-faire capitalism would be upheld by the Federal Government
2 the Federal Government could not challenge state regulation of business
3 Federal civil servants would be hired based on merit rather than political patronage
4 the Federal Government could regulate business practices

18 The success of the American Federation of Labor in the late 19th century can be attributed to its policy of

1 supporting candidates of its own political party
2 focusing on gains in wages and working conditions
3 using violence to combat big corporations
4 allowing only steel workers into the union

19 During the late 19th century, the Federal Government helped the
transcontinental railroad companies by

1 breaking up railroad monopolies
2 providing free land for railroad construction
3 setting safety standards for railroad operations
4 establishing uniform shipping rates

20 In the late 1800's and early 1900's, most nativists feared continued
immigration to the United States because they believed that immigrants 

1 become the dominant groups in colleges and universities
2 lead anti-government protests
3 obtain the best farmland
4 work for cheaper wages

21 In the late 19th century, the major goal of trusts was to

1 help workers improve their relations with management
2 cooperate with government agencies
3 eliminate competition
4 encourage the formation of new businesses

22 During the late 19th century, the growth of capitalism encouraged United
States imperialism because of the desire of business to

1 obtain new markets for American products
2 compete with foreign industries
3 provide humanitarian aid to poor nations
4 industrialize underdeveloped nations

23 The works of Upton Sinclair, Frank Norris, and Lincoln Steffens popularized the idea that

1 government should not interfere in the lives of individual citizens
2 newspapers should not try to change public policy
3 women needed equal political rights to become full citizens
4 problems in government and industry needed to be corrected

24 A graduated (progressive) income tax is based on the idea that tax rates 

1 be the same for all individuals and businesses
2 be adjusted to achieve a balanced Federal budget
3 rise as individual or business incomes rise
4 increase more rapidly for business profits than for personal incomes

25 Which action could the Federal Reserve System take to reduce the
problem of recession?

1 lowering spending on social programs
2 lowering interest rates
3 raising tariffs on imports
4 raising Federal income taxes


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