NYS Regents


9 Which statement best describes a foreign policy followed by President
George Washington?

1 He sent aid to French revolutionaries.
2 He formed alliances with European nations.
3 He supported expansion into British Canada.
4 He adopted a position of neutrality.

10 The decision in the case Marbury v. Madison is important in United
States history because the Supreme Court

1 stressed the need for strict construction of the Constitution
2 declared secession to be a proper action for a state to take, if
3 assumed the power to declare laws unconstitutional
4 increased the power of the executive branch over the legislative branch

11 As a result of the establishment of the Monroe Doctrine (1823), the 
United States was able to

1 acquire parts of South America as land for settlement
2 expand its influence in the Western Hemisphere
3 increase its trade with Asia
4 form military alliances with European nations

12 By the time of the Civil War, slavery had nearly disappeared in the 
North mainly because

1 slave rebellions in Northern states had forced the end of slavery
2 the United States Constitution required the end of slavery in Northern  states
3 slaves had become too expensive for Northern farmers
4 slavery did not fit the economic interests of the North

13 What was the impact of the 14th amendment on the power of state governments?

1 It allowed the National Government to place more restrictions on the
actions of state governments.
2 It increased the power of state government over its citizens.
3 It prevented congressional interference with the reserved powers of states.
4 It reduced the power of the President over the states.

14 Which statement best describes the status of African Americans immediately after the end of Reconstruction in 1877?

1 Most African Americans held factory jobs in urban areas.
2 Most African Americans were able to take advantage of educational opportunities at colleges.
3 Despite the passage of several constitutional amendments, African
Americans found that gaining equal rights was very difficult.
4 Political rights for African Americans were guaranteed in the South, but restrictions and discrimination increased in the North.

15 In the late 1800's, many American farmers believed that their economic
problems would be solved by which action of the Federal Government?

1 enacting a protective tariff on manufactured goods
2 putting more money into circulation
3 suspending pollution laws affecting agriculture
4 paying farmers not to grow certain crops

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