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1 The Declaration of Independence contributed to the political development
of the United States by

1 condemning the practice of slavery
2 presenting a clear statement of the social contract theory of
3 providing the nation with a strong bill of rights
4 demonstrating the need for a strong chief executive

2 The United States Constitution attempted to solve a major problem that
existed under the Articles of Confederation by providing for

1 Federal control of interstate commerce
2 the direct election of the President by the people
3 stronger state governments
4 a balanced Federal budget

3 "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor
prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the
10th amendment

This part of the Bill of Rights was intended to

1 give the people the right to vote on important issues
2 assure the same rights to citizens of all states
3 limit the powers of the Federal Government
4 limit the power of the states over their citizens

4 "There can be no liberty if the same man or the same group has executive,
legislative, and judicial control."

Which political idea would the author of this statement most likely support?

1 States rights                  3 socialism
2 separation of powers     4 federalism

5 What is an example of the "unwritten constitution" in the United States?

1 system of political parties
2 operation of checks and balances
3 guarantee of freedom of religion
4 sharing of power between state and national governments

6 Those who supported the ratification of the United States Constitution 
promised to add a bill of rights in order to

1 encourage economic development
2 prevent the return of English control over the new nation
3 increase the power of the National Government over the states
4 persuade the anti-Federalists to accept the Constitution

7 What has been the most frequent criticism of the electoral college system?

1 An excessive number of third-party candidates have been
encouraged to run for office.
2 Electors frequently ignore the vote of the people.
3 The person who wins the popular vote has not always been
chosen as President.
4 The electors are not chosen by political parties.

8 The main political function of lobbyists for special interest groups is to

1 influence public officials to support or oppose specific programs
2 provide a source of unbiased information for legislators
3 nominate candidates for elective offices
4 simplify the process of developing and passing laws


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