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6 Delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 agreed to the Three-Fifths Compromise as a solution to the problem of how to determine the

(1) number of representatives in the House from each state
(2) qualifications of Supreme Court justices
(3) tariff rates on exports
(4) length of the presidentís term

7 Soon after the Constitution of the United States was ratified, the first ten
amendments were added because many citizens felt the need for

(1) strengthening the power of the federal courts
(2) ensuring the division of powers between the state and federal
(3) establishing a national bank
(4) protecting their liberties from abuses by the federal government

8 When President Thomas Jefferson acquired the Louisiana Territory from
France, he demonstrated that he had modified his belief that

(1) the Constitution should be strictly interpreted
(2) the federal government should limit individual rights
(3) adding territory would lead to regional rivalries
(4) commercial development was the main goal of the federal

9 In which section of early 19th-century America was the plantation system
an important feature?

(1) New England
(2) the Middle Atlantic states
(3) the South
(4) the West

10 During the early 1800's, the United States placed few restrictions on
immigration because

(1) the Constitution did not allow restrictions
(2) labor unions welcomed the new workers
(3) southern landowners needed additional workers
(4) the industrial economy was creating new jobs

11 The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 was primarily concerned with

(1) carrying out Reconstruction in the South
(2) limiting immigration to the United States
(3) bringing about equal rights for women
(4) promoting the settlement of western territories

12 The purpose of the Homestead Act of 1862, which provided free federal
land, was to

(1) encourage settlement of the West
(2) set up reservations for Native American Indians
(3) establish land-grant agricultural colleges
(4) assist in the construction of transcontinental railroads

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