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7 "President Roosevelt Proposes Wide Range of New Deal Programs"
"Supreme Court Orders President Nixon To Release Watergate Tapes"
"Congress Calls Cabinet Member To Testify"

Which concept is best illustrated by these newspaper headlines?

1 federalism
2 state rights
3 the elastic clause
4 separation of powers

8 In the years immediately after the ratification of the 14th and 15th amendments, the experiences of African Americans in the South indicate that

1 Congress and the Federal courts have historically had the same goals regarding civil rights 
2 Reconstruction met all of the goals of the Radical Republicans
3 legal equality leads to social equality
4 constitutional changes have not always achieved their goals

Base your answers to questions 9 and 10 on the table below on your knowledge
of social studies.

9 Which proposal has most commonly been made to deal with the situation shown in the table?

1 prohibiting third-party candidates from Presidential elections
2 allowing the direct popular election of the President
3 requiring electors to campaign for the candidate of their choice
4 counting only the popular vote of the top two candidates

10 Which conclusion can best be drawn from the information in the table?

1 Incumbent Presidents usually win reelection.
2 Third-party candidates threaten the electoral process.
3 A candidate can be elected President with less than half the popular vote.
4 Candidates are more interested in winning the popular vote than
in winning the electoral vote.

11 The term "robber barons" was used during the Gilded Age to characterize

1 plantation owners
2 carpetbaggers
3 leaders of big business
4 union organizers

12 In his book How the Other Half Lives, Jacob Riis focused attention on the living conditions of

1 residents of urban slums
2 sharecroppers in the South
3 Native American Indians on reservations
4 small farmers on the Great Plains

13 Between 1865 and 1900, what was the general attitude of the Federal
Government concerning labor unions?

1 hostile toward union efforts to improve workers' conditions
2 eager to act as a mediator between labor and management
3 indifferent to the struggles between workers and industry
4 supportive of labor's goals

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