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Part  I (55 credits)

1 "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." This statement from the Declaration of Independence indicates that government has a responsibility to

1 promote economic development
2 control the lives of citizens
3 respond to the will of the people
4 provide for the defense of the nation

2 By establishing a two-house legislature, the framers of the United States
Constitution agreed to a compromise on the issue of

1 control of interstate commerce
2 civilian control of the military
3 limits on the power of the President
4 representation in Congress

3 One difference between the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation is that the Constitution

1 created separate, independent branches of government
2 granted greater power to the States than to the Federal Government
3 granted more authority to the Chief Executive than to the national legislature
4 reduced the power of the Federal courts

4 Soon after the United States Constitution was adopted, disagreements arose over the proper role of government in the economy. These disagreements led to the development of the first

1 corporations
2 political parties
3 Cabinet offices
4 civil rights movements

5 Which geographical advantage did the United States gain with the Louisiana Purchase?

1 a Mississippi River port on the Gulf of Mexico
2 access to southern ports on the Pacific Ocean
3 control of land west of the Rocky Mountains
4 more natural harbors on the Atlantic Ocean

6 Which part of government is least influenced by lobbying and political pressure?

1 executive branch of the United States Government
2 United States Supreme Court
3 United States Congress
4 New York State Legislature

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