1 The Declaration of Independence was based on the ideas of the

(1) Enlightenment       (3) Renaissance
(2) Romantic Era        (4) Age of Exploration

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2 According to the Declaration of Independence, governments are established to

(1) protect the nation from invasion
(2) provide a system of checks and balances
(3) protect the natural rights of citizens
(4) guarantee voting rights for all citizens

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3 The Declaration of Independence contributed to the development of democracy by

1 guaranteeing trial by jury to all men
2 allowing women to take part in government
3 indicating that people are the source of power 
4 providing for Presidential elections every four years

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4 Which principle of government is proposed in the Declaration of Independence?

1 Political power originates with a strong central  government.
2 The primary function of government is to protect natural rights.
3 A system of checks and balances is the most effective way to prevent governmental abuse of power.
4 Individual liberties must be guaranteed by a strong bill of rights.

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5 "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

This statement from the Declaration of Independence indicates that government has a responsibility to

1 promote economic development
2 control the lives of citizens
3 respond to the will of the people
4 provide for the defense of the nation

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