1. The system of checks and balances is best illustrated by the power of

1. the President to veto a bill passed by Congress.
2. Congress to censure one of its members.
3. a governor to send the National Guard to stop a riot.
4. state and Federal governments to levy and collect taxes.

1         2         3         4        

2. Which feature of the unwritten constitution is part of the system of checks and balances?

(1) the cabinet                (3) political parties
(2) judicial review             (4) legislative lobbies

1         2         3         4        

3. A system of checks and balances was included in the United States  Constitution because the authors were concerned about

(1) one branch of government becoming too strong
(2) the states having too much power
(3) the people having a voice in government
(4) the military gaining control of the United States

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4 "President Roosevelt Proposes Wide Range of New Deal Programs"
"Supreme Court Orders President Nixon To Release Watergate Tapes"
"Congress Calls Cabinet Member To Testify"

Which concept is best illustrated by these newspaper headlines?

1 federalism
2 state rights
3 the elastic clause
4 separation of powers

1         2         3         4        

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