1 What was the result of many of the Supreme Court decisions made under Chief Justice John Marshall between 1801 and 1835?

(1) The system of slavery was weakened.
(2) The federal government was strengthened.
(3) The rights of workers were supported.
(4) Antitrust laws were upheld.

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2 As the United States acquired more land between 1803 and 1850, controversy over these territories focused on the

(1) need for schools and colleges
(2) failure to conserve natural resources
(3) expansion of slavery
(4) construction of transcontinental railroads

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3 A major reason for the issuance of the Monroe Doctrine (1823) was to

(1) discourage United States trade with Latin America
(2) defend the Panama Canal from Great Britain
(3) prevent further European colonization in the Caribbean region
(4) provide economic aid to Latin American nations

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4 Before the Civil War, slavery expanded in the South rather than in the North because

(1) the Constitution contained a clause that outlawed the importation of slaves into the Northern states
(2) Congress passed a law forbidding slavery in the North
(3) Northern states passed affirmative action legislation
(4) geographic conditions in the South encouraged the development of large plantations

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5 Which phrase best completes the title for the partial outline shown below?

I. Reasons for the ______________________

A. Increasing sectionalism
B. Disagreements over states’ rights issues
C. Breakdown of compromise
D. Election of 1860

(1) Start of the Revolutionary War
(2) Adoption of the Bill of Rights
(3) Failure of the Whiskey Rebellion
(4) Secession of Southern States from the Union

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