1 The diagram below represents a process that occurs within a cell in the human pancreas.

This process is known as

(1) digestion by enzymes
(2) protein synthesis
(3) energy production
(4) replication of DNA

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2 When a personís teeth are being x rayed, other body parts of this person are covered with a protective lead blanket to prevent

(1) loss of hair
(2) increase in cell size
(3) changes in DNA molecules
(4) changes in glucose structure

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3 The diagrams below represent portions of the genes that code for wing structure in two organisms of the same species. Gene 1 was taken from the cells of a female with normal wings, and gene 2 was taken from the cells of a female with abnormal wings.

The abnormal wing structure was most likely due to

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(1) an insertion         (3) a deletion
(2) a substitution      (4) normal replication

4 The diagram below represents a cell in water. Formulas of molecules that can move freely across the cell membrane are shown. Some molecules are located inside the cell and others are in the water outside the cell.

Based on the distribution of these molecules, what would most likely happen after a period of time?

(1) The concentration of O2 will increase inside the cell.
(2) The concentration of CO2 will remain the same inside the cell.
(3) The concentration of O2will remain the same outside the cell.
(4) The concentration of CO2 will decrease outside the cell.

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5 During the warm temperatures of summer, the arctic fox produces enzymes that cause its fur to become reddish brown. During the cold temperatures of winter, these enzymes do not function. As a result, the fox has a white coat that blends into the snowy background. This change in fur color shows that

(1) the genes of a fox are made of unstable DNA
(2) mutations can be caused by temperature extremes
(3) random alteration of DNA can occur on certain chromosomes
(4) the expression of certain genes is affected by temperature


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